Saturday April 11, 2015

The clouds have vanished and it looks like we will have a beautiful day to end our Brazil mission. All of our luggage is packed and we’ll debark after our breakfast and morning devotions. Pastor Augusta lead us in a beautiful service based on the unnamed helpers in the bible and the teamwork needed to serve. Teca taught us a Brazilian parting. You place your hands on the persons shoulders and say “God bless you”, move your hands to frame their face and say “God protect you”, then hug them and say “God give you peace”.

We don’t leave for the airport until 9 pm. I guess we’ll have to suffer thru some shopping with the street vendors and continue to support the local economy. We were able to meet the Team going out next week and chat for a little bit about what to expect. They are all students from the Methodist University in Brazil so they won’t have the same language issues we did. They are going into areas we weren’t able to serve during our short time. We left some health kits and sewing kits for them to use.

Our bags are all packed and loaded. We are heading to the airport and leaving new friends behind. This has been a great mission and the Team thanks everyone who contributed in any way to make this mission a reality. Your support with time, money, supplies, and prayers, makes you all a vital part of the Team.

We hope to add pictures and comments when we arrive back in the states. We were only able to connect via cell phone on rare occasion and did not have any ability to connect via computer or ipad.

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