Friday Apri 10, 2015

The day has arrived grey and overcast. We will only see a half day clinic today. The weather may keep some of the boat people away, so we need to get started early. After vital signs are taken, Bud takes Suzanne, Vickie, Ruth, and Belvia to finish the dental class and make balloon hats and animals. The children gathered round despite the rain. We are able to finish clinic on time and load all the supplies in the boat during a lull in the rain. We say our goodbyes to the village and head back up the river towards the Amazon. Sorting thru our supplies, we feel we were able to assist quite a few people. Jessica says our final number was 650 patients. We used all the glasses, toothpaste, and tooth brushes. We had a few packs of vitamins left for the crew, and a few other meds we will leave for the next team. Most of the afternoon was spent below deck relaxing while avoiding the rain. We were able to go up top later and watch the passing scenery. We had our farewell service before dinner and gave thank you gifts to the boat crew, interpreters, and missionaries. This was followed by a blended devotional service translated for all to understand. We made it back to Manaus after midnight and docked for our last night on the boat.

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